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Helping the hospitality sector to recover overdue debts

The current challenges faced by the hospitality sector underscore the vital significance of proficient credit control for the continued survival of hospitality businesses. The Hotel Debt UK team excels in supporting hotels, guest houses, bed & breakfast establishments, and other hospitality venues in the recovery of outstanding debts.

If your hospitality business is grappling with unpaid debts, we would be pleased to offer our expertise to help you reclaim what is rightfully owed.

This marks the most challenging period in living memory for the hospitality industry. Numerous businesses associated with the hospitality trade have been compelled to shut down, while others grapple with difficulties in settling payments to their suppliers. Although the majority of guests are honest, some are seizing the opportunity to default on their debts, shifting the burden to the hospitality industry.


The impact on hospitality has been widespread, extending beyond the Covid lockdown period. Even after the easing of Covid restrictions, businesses now engage in fewer face-to-face meetings and conferences, significantly reducing business-related bookings for the hospitality sector. A return to pre-Covid levels of business is unlikely in the near future. Consequently, the ability to collect owed payments has become more crucial than ever.

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Upon receiving instructions, Hotel Debt UK will take charge of all communication with the debtor. Payments are typically made directly to the client, usually via bank transfer. We will provide updates to the client by email of key stages of the collection process. For business-to-business debts we will use the provisions of the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 to calculate Compensation Entitlement, Interest Charges and Debt Collection Costs to be added to the debt.


In contrast to many other debt collection agencies, debtors are directed to remit payments directly to the client’s bank account. This provides clients with peace of mind, ensuring they receive the funds owed to them. Additionally, it serves as evidence to debtors that we are acting on our client’s behalf. In some cases, clients may also permit debtors to initiate card payments over the phone by contacting them directly.

Clients can use Hotel Debt UK on a one-off basis, often after their own efforts to recover the debt have been exhausted, or if the decision has been made that it is more cost-effective to use an external debt collector on an ongoing basis.

We have the knowledge, experietise and experience needed to help you recover overdue debts.